A Wallace Collection Education Programme.

In this project, students of three London schools, aged between 11 and 14 from Acland Burghley, Drayton Manor and Parliament Hill worked with photographer Olivia Hemingway to explore architecture and space through digital photography, both at the Wallace Collection and at their schools.

The students learned how to interpret architectural photographs, using what they had learned to develop their own styles of photography and to respond to the brief given to them. For some students this was an introduction to photography and for others an opportunity to build on existing technical and creative skills.

For Shoot One, the students were asked to photograph Hertford House, home of The Wallace Collection, and for Shoot Two they were asked to photograph their own school building. They were commissioned as professional photographers; the aim of which was to produce promotional material for each building. Both briefs asked that the buildings be portrayed in a positive, unique and exciting way. The participants took interior and exterior shots, wide shots, close ups and interesting angles and points of view. They also compared unfamiliar with familiar environments and how they themselves felt about each space or building. Restrictions were imposed on the students such as no use of flash, rules of working in public spaces and time restrictions; these reflect constraints that could be found in a professional environment.

The photographs produced were imaginative and thoughtful. Techniques were clearly applied through having looked at the principles of photography. Students said that the Shooting Buildings photography project had given them more confidence and enthusiasm for photography.

“Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, I learnt a lot and had a great experience, it also gave me a kind of job experience too which is great.”

Students were also involved in the editing process and this: is the final edit.