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We are running a similar free project in spring term 2010. If you would like your school to participate please contact The Education Administrator on 020 7563 9551

'I learnt a lot of important techniques during this project that will help me in the future'

'I really enjoyed this project - I learnt so much and it has completely changed my view on photography. Because of this, I now have more choices in my artwork at school, I would never have originally considered'

'I see things in a different light – rather than ‘eurgh school’ I think ‘what a good picture I can get out of this’'

'I learnt how to use different angles to get better shots'

'I learnt different ways of using the camera to focus, using macro and using different perspectives.'

'It was a good chance to look at detailed architecture'

'I liked looking at the school building in a different way'

'I understand more about different aspects of photography'

'It was a great experience, thank you!'

'I know more about photography and have a lot more skills than before I went there'

'I never used a camera before so it helped me to know the basics'

'It was a challenge to find exactly what the brief was asking for'

'It will help me improve my art sketchbook with interesting pictures'