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020 7563 9551

Teachers note

We are running a similar project in spring term 2009. If you would like your school to participate please contact The Education Administrator on 020 7563 9551.

Previous Year

Shooting Buildings 2007

'We learned that there are so many different points of view that you can take a picture from.'

'We learned different techniques and how to take professional photographs.'

'We produced some photos with good contrasts.'

'I learned different techniques and ways to use a camera efficiently and how to read photographs and take interesting photos.'

'It will help me to know how to take better pictures and help me with my art project.'

'We learned how to look at pictures, lighting, effects and points from a different perspective and to analyse them.'

'Thank you for helping me look at photography in a different way.'

'It will help me with future photography projects for GCSE coursework.'

'I enjoyed it, which was very good and I learned some new skills.'